Ian’s Eight Month Update

First things first. Ian is enormous! He’s in size 18 month clothes and weighs somewhere north of 21 lbs. His Christmas ornament handprint relative to Isla’s–who was a month older when she did hers in 2012–is massive. He crawls at lightning speed all over our house, with his bottom lip jutted out, cheeks wobbling, and […]

Ian’s Seven Month Update

This month, Ian had his first Halloween and his first Thanksgiving. He also had his first visit to Santa Claus, and he’s been very curious about our Christmas tree. We have an epic baby gate blocking it from his investigations. He’s crawling, pulling up to standing, and into absolutely everything. He’s a potato no more. His […]

Ian’s Six Month Update

Ian at Six Months

Keeping with the tradition of posting these a couple of weeks late… Ian is six months old! Half a year! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! So the big things: Ian can sit up all by himself. He can scoot around on his bottom. He can turn himself in circles while seated. He leans forward onto his […]

Ian’s Five Month Update

Ian Five Months

Ian Mac is 5 months old. This month has been quite busy. He’s able to sit up on his own (propped up on his hands) for several minutes at a time and can roll back to tummy fairly reliably. He’s rolling tummy to back less often, but I have seen it happen! We’ve been working […]

Ian’s Four Month Update

Ian at Four Months

At his 4 month well baby check, Ian weighed in at 16 lbs. 12 oz. and measured 24.5″ long. He’s wearing 9 and 12 month clothes these days–with the 9 month outfits having a Hulk-like fit–which makes me unbelievably sad walking into a baby section at the store and realizing Ian can’t fit into half […]

Ian’s Three Month Update

Ian at Three Months

Ian Mac is 3 months old! This month’s big achievements include learning how to laugh and getting better at pushing his upper body off the ground during tummy time. We also got a week-and-a-half of sleeping all the way through the night, 10-12 hours/night, but then he added back a night wake-up…then another. At this […]

Ian’s Two Month Update

Ian Mac is officially two months old and growing more darling by the day! His smile showed up this month, and we’ve been getting lots of sweet grins. Blowing raspberries, blubbing his numerous chins, showing him his reflection in the mirror, and singing to him are all great ways to get big smiles, although the […]

Why I Loved My VBAC

First photo as a family of 4!

After Isla was born, I struggled a lot with what had happened during her birth. In addition to the fact that everything ended in an emergency c-section, which is a scary situation absolutely no one wants to experience, I felt like I’d been bullied, manipulated, and generally treated poorly by medical staff over the course […]