Series: Car Seats on Airplanes

Kid on airplane

Why should I use a car seat on a plane? How many times have you gotten on an airplane and seen children strapped into their car seat? Never, you say?┬áThat’s not surprising. For little ones under 2, it’s much less expensive to forego buying a plane ticket for them and just let them ride on [...]

Traveling with Car Seats in the Airport

Car Seat in Airport

When Kellen and I first started talking about using a car seat on our next flight, we weren’t really sure how we’d handle lugging around the car seat in the airport. It seems like whenever we travel, we’re already pretty maxed out when it comes to carry-on. Between our roller bags and backpacks and the [...]

How to Install a Car Seat on a Plane

Baby in Car Seat

Installing a car seat period can seem like a daunting task, but installing one on a plane, when you have limited time and the pressure of dozens of people trying to get seated while you are installing the car seat, can seem overwhelming. For the most part, installing the car seat in the plane, though, [...]

Best Car Seats on Airplanes

On Board an Airplane

So you’ve decided you want to use a car seat on your next plane trip, but you aren’t sure which car seats work best on an airplane. Airline seats aren’t exactly known for being spacious these days. When we decided to use a car seat on the plane, I wanted to make sure the car [...]

The FAA on Flying with Car Seats

Kids in plane overhead bins

When I was training to be a flight attendant, I was surprised to find out that you even could bring car seats on planes. I had always assumed they weren’t allowed because I had never seen one.┬áThe truth is, the FAA actually strongly encourages parents to put children in car seats when they fly, and [...]

Switching to a Forward-Facing Car Seat FAQ

Switching to a Forward-Facing Car Seat

This morning, Isla rode off to daycare for the first time with her car seat facing forward. We’ve been putting this off for as long as possible, because we know the safest way for babies and toddlers to travel is rear-facing. Isla has gone through a big growth spurt, though. She’s 36″ tall and the [...]

Parenting on Vacation

Isla is not pleased.

Now that I’m all grown up and a mom myself, I totally get why my mom was always so stressed out on family vacations. What should be a relaxing, fun family event inevitably is fraught with travel mishaps, safety concerns, being out of your routine, forgetting to pack important stuff, and everyone being hot, hungry, [...]

Summer Vacation on the Texas Gulf Coast

Isla at the beach

Last weekend, we spent a long weekend at the beach. We rented a house with friends, brought two huge chests full of meat and goodies, and spent the weekend kicking back on the beach and seeing the local sites. Isla loved the ocean, running into the waves, digging her toes into the sand, and building [...]